Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's time to debut on HSN

When you are doing live TV, you want to be in tip-top shape. Well, tonight’s the night for my HSN product launch of the supercollar® and I am sitting in my hotel room watching the pouring rain and counting down the hours until I need to head over to the studio for hair and makeup.

What I haven’t shared is the dicey days leading up to and including today. It began on Wednesday morning, as I left home for this trip. I woke up with a cold. I had the sore throat and the dry eyes as I flew out of San Francisco. Then, twenty minutes before landing in Tampa, my left ear felt like it was going to explode.

When I get a cold, the natural progression is sore throat, clogged head and ears, a non-stop cough and laryngitis…usually in that order. Well, I could deal with first three problems with Sudafed, but incessant coughing, or worse, no voice, for a live program was not going to happen.

I have spent the last four days mostly in bed, with the exception of meeting I had to attend, eating healthy (which I do anyhow because of Weight Watchers) and getting a lot of sleep. It seems to have held the cough and laryngitis off, which is great. My left ear is still crackling, but I can work with that.

As the saga continues, I bring you to last evening when I kept waking up because my right knee hurt. I have no idea why, but when I got out of bed this morning, it was so painful that I couldn’t put weight on it. Oh great, I thought, I’m not coughing but I am now limping.

Panicked, I began with Advil and a call to my husband for suggestions. We both thought I should try to walk if off. And this is where Weight Watchers saved me yet again.

Because I have been walking a few miles every week, I hobbled out the front door of the hotel and just kept going until I worked whatever was going on in my knee out of my knee. It took one hour, but it’s gone. Not only don’t I limp anymore, but I got three activity points out of the deal.

So, now you know what is going on behind the scenes of my TV performance. Tune in HSN at 11 p.m. PST (2 a.m. EST) and watch me in action!

Talk to you soon.