Friday, October 16, 2009

Auditing the to eat well and clean the refrigerator

Today is Friday, and Friday is cleaning day.  I love how it all turns out, but I’m not too fond of the process involved in getting there.  It really begins on Thursday evening, when I audit the refrigerator and clean out the leftovers.  That routine has two positive outcomes.  The leftovers get eaten, for the most part, and the refrigerator gets washed down.

Now, let’s concentrate on those leftovers.  My husband doesn’t like Thursdays very much because he’s not a “leftover aficionado,” but he rolls with it most weeks.  I, on the other hand, take pleasure in the challenge of figuring out how to use as many of the parts and pieces of stuff we have eaten during the week and turning them into a meal.

Last evening, my husband wasn’t rolling with the challenge and ordered a pizza.  I was secretly pleased because it left me all the leftovers and most of them were vegetables.  I knew the point value of the entire audited refrigerator was going to be low.

I began by taking a baking sheet and spraying it down with PAM.  PAM gives me a sense of power because I can spray freely and enjoy the benefits of no points and easy clean-up.  Then, I proceeded to decorate the pan with eight asparagus stalks, a pile of mushrooms, half of a baked potato which I sliced thin so it looked like more, two rogue carrots and four ounces of Monday night’s marinated flank steak.  I put it in my oven at 450 for about 20 minutes and waited for the dinner I wasn’t sharing.

I loved all of it.  It filled my plate with colorful, yummy options.  It had a low point value.  And, there were still points left to get in the last Giant Fudge Bar from the freezer.

Good thing Friday is also grocery delivery day. 

Talk to you soon.

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