Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bye, Bye Airline Food

I waived good-bye to my Weight Watchers buddy and son, Alex, yesterday and headed to the airport with my husband.  Alex will be tracking his points under the supervision of our two Labrador retrievers who have been instructed on healthy eating while Alex house/dog sits them. 

As I boarded the Southwest flight, I started thinking about the pretzels and peanuts that come with my seat.  Even though the total amount of flying time is under one hour, something weird happens to me when I fly.  I immediately begin worrying about getting hungry.  Since I know that I always exhibit this behavior, I brought my own snacks for the flight.  A package of Nature Valley Oats n’ Honey Granola bars and the airline’s diet coke, and I was half way to LA and ready for a quick nap.

When we landed, my sister was there to greet us and to drive directly to Randy’s Donuts for a walk-up jelly treat.  Her treat, not mine.  I smiled, said no and remembered my granola bar.  I wasn’t hungry anymore.

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Talk to you soon.

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