Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Caught in the eat or not to eat

Today, I headed north to a meeting that was scheduled for 1:00.  I thought about my food plan as soon as I woke up, knowing that there would be no food at the meeting.  I chose to eat a late breakfast, at 11:00, and figured that it would hold me together for about four hours.  By all calculations, I would be back home by then and could eat lunch using my own ingredients.

I arrived in Santa Rosa and was pleasantly surprised when I learned the CEO was treating us to lunch in a nearby restaurant.  But…I wasn’t hungry.  All of the thought that went into my original plan was out the window because I was caught right in the middle of “just ate” and “need food.” 

My BWW (before Weight Watchers) solution would have been simple.  Order lunch, in an amount that looked like everyone else’s orders.  But, I have learned a new lesson in my three short weeks in the program.  I wasn’t hungry, and just because the food was “free,” I didn’t need to order a lunch like everybody else’s.

I ordered an appetizer of mixed points, tasted great and was healthy. And when I arrived home, four hours after breakfast, I ate lunch…because I was hungry.

Talk to you soon.

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