Saturday, October 31, 2009

End of the month roundup…my 20 tips on weight loss

It’s time for my monthly wrap-up. I went back through my postings and picked out the “nuggets” that worked best for me during the month of October. They are in no particular order, but I believe that number 20 is really the key to the whole weight-loss thing.

1. Walking, for me, works better with a destination.
2. 50 weeks is a long time. It’s easier to think in 90 –day chunks.
3. About 3.5 hours between meals, and I’m hungry.
4. Planning for an occasion and eating before hand helps.
5. Going to Weight Watchers meetings is more fun with family and friends.
6. Gold stars are good incentives for me to perform.
7. Free lunch isn’t free if you eat when you are not hungry.
8. Clean plate club doesn’t apply my plate AND to other peoples’ plate, too.
9. Buy only what you are going to eat, if you think having extra will sabotage you .
10. Lose weight for your health not for an occasion.
11. Plateaus and gains happen, so get back in the saddle.
12. Plus size women do enjoy fashion.
13. Leftovers can be turned into fun and satisfying meals.
14. Little things you can control make life more enjoyable.
15. Excitement keeps my mind off eating.
16. Bring your own snacks on the plane.
17. Half a great pancake is better than missing out.
18. Order the kid’s meal.
19. Buy Halloween candy on Halloween, and give it all away.
20. Time passes anyway, so why not use it to lose weight.

“Stats” recap:

I have lost 8.6 pounds in my first 6 weeks on Weight Watchers.

“Nerd” recap:

I have lost 17.2% of my 50 pounds goal in 12% of my 50 weeks goal.


I’m on track to lose 50 pounds in 50 weeks.

Happy Halloween…get out there and look for trick or treaters so you can get rid of the candy.

Talk to you soon.

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