Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My gold star…it still works like it did in Kindergarten

When I was starting out my school career, I was the teacher’s pet.  I followed the rules and lived for the recognition that doing a good job earned me.  My “chores” were executed flawlessly; I didn’t act up in class, and I was all about getting… the gold stars. 

There was a big poster board on the wall with all of the kids’ names and each activity of the day had the potential for earning a star.  I lived for those stars.  I wanted to have more than my classmates, which most likely was the reason that I was alone at recess.

And now, 52 years later, I got a gold star for losing my first five pounds.  It actually was 5.2 pounds at the end of the third week on the program.  Can you hear me cheering?   I’m going to try to less noisy about it in class, however, so I don’t end up alone at recess again.

Talk to you soon.

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