Sunday, October 18, 2009

Look who's walking...for bargains

It’s a gray and dreary Sunday, and I’m planted in front of television watching an endless stream of something called Bridezilla, which I clearly have become hooked on or I would have turned it off.  The afternoon is ticking away, and I have done nothing constructive.  But, I don’t think I’m going to worry too much about it.  I have one plan for the day, and as soon as I finish the latest installment of angry brides, I’m heading out.

It’s walking time.  Last Tuesday, the day I walk to my Weight Watchers meeting, was the day of our first big storm, complete with rain and wind.  I actually got up early to see if I could tough it out and walk, but the weather was really foul.  So, my son and I drove.  I was disappointed that we had to take the car.  That was a first!

Today, before it rains again, I’m going to make up for missing that walk.  I’m looking forward to my destination, which is the new CVS that sent me a coupon in the mail.  It’s like the free food thing, but with stuff.  I don’t eat food just because it’s free anymore, but I do use the “welcome to the neighborhood” coupons when I need stuff at the drugstore.

By the way, speaking of welcomes, welcome to the members of the Weight Watchers group from San Bruno.  One of the members of our group shared the blog address with a friend from down south and she, in turn, passed it along to other Weigh Watchers members.  Keep sharing…I appreciate it.

Time to check the bargains.

Talk to you soon.

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