Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Not a size 6...and love fashion

Last evening, I was watching one of my favorite shows, Shark Tank.  If you haven’t watched, it’s another reality show, but this time the subject matter focuses on inventors.  As a business coach, the show is like a magnet, and I am drawn in every week.

One of the presenters was a plus -sized woman who designs beautiful high- end clothing for women who wear sizes 12 to 28.  As she pointed out, over 60% of women fit into these sizes, and she was looking for funding to build her business.  The relevant part of this story as it relates to my Weight Watchers journey centers around a comment passed by one of the potential male investors, affectionately referred to as a “shark” on the program.

He actually had the nerve to ask the designer if larger women really care about clothing and how they look.  The other sharks, the designer and I all moaned our disgust simultaneously.  I was tempted to reach through the television and shake him.

I have loved fashion since I was a kid and appreciate luxurious fabrics and flattering styling.  Whether I am a size 6, which I have been, or a 16, which I now am, I look for fashion that accentuates my positives.  Assuming that I don’t care because I don’t look like the models in most of the fashion magazines is just wrong.

I may not invest in new items for my wardrobe right now because I am only four weeks into my 50 -week journey.  But, I won’t stop looking at the magazines and appreciating the fall fashions.

See you at the Mall.

Talk to you soon.

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