Friday, October 9, 2009

Playing food referee...with my dogs

Today, I watched my two black labs eating their first meal of the day.  They eat the same thing at the same time, everyday, and mealtime may be the most exciting event of the day for them.  Sound familiar? 

Anyhow, I have to stand between the two bowls because the 55- pound female, Tess, who gets less food than the 75- pound male, Talbot, usually eats faster.  When Tess is done with her food, she immediately looks over to the other bowl to see if Talbot is still eating. She would have her head in there with him, if I didn’t stop her.

I am also a fast eater. I have been known to watch my husband’s dinner plate while he is eating, hoping that he looks away for a second so I can grab an extra bite.  With nobody standing between that plate and me, I got away with it.  That ship has sailed since joining Weight Watchers.  Now, I have a “point tracker” between that plate and me, and it keeps my hands in my lap.

If I could only get the labs to a Weight Watchers meeting, I wouldn’t have to play food referee twice a day.

Talk to you soon.

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