Monday, October 19, 2009

Excitement...the antidote to hunger

There is definitely a correlation between excitement and eating.  This is not a scientific study, although it probably has been written about many times before.  This is my observation about me.

When I am in a celebratory state of mind, my desire to raid the refrigerator disappears.  It’s the opposite of what happens to me if I am “down in the dumps.”  Although, now that I pay attention to what is motivating me, thanks to Weight Watchers and this blog,
I am in total control of my hands and mouth.  I am my own puppeteer.

Time to share the reason for the excitement with you.  Some of you know that I wrote a book that was published by Simon & Schuster in June. Today, What’s a Mother (in-Law) To Do?  5 Essential Steps to Building a Loving Relationship with Your Son’s New Wife, was selected as the winner of the National “Best Books 2009” Awards in the category of self –help/relationships.

If you read my previous blog about gold stars, you’ll understand why this gold book seal turns me on. 

Thanks for sharing my blog with anyone you think might enjoy it.

Talk to you soon.

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  1. Woohooo. Way to go Jane. That's just the kind of gold star news we all need!!