Sunday, October 25, 2009

Football Sunday... time-out with my kitchen

Are you ready for some football?  It’s Sunday morning and to be honest with you, I have very little knowledge of how the game is played.  You’d think with two sons and a husband who are avid followers, I would have picked up something.  I haven’t.

But, the part I do like about Sunday football is the fact that we sit around the television as a family unit.  The guys are jumping around from one game to another, mostly yelling at the television.  I, on the other hand, catch up on my reading.  I sit with the group, but I leaf through the magazines and catalogs that have piled up on my coffee table during the previous six days. 

When it comes to the snacks that go with the games, I am totally out of the picture.  Both before and since joining Weight Watchers, I have avoided preparing, serving or cleaning up the food.  It’s the day I turn the kitchen over to the guys and let them do whatever they feel like doing….another reason I like Sunday football.

I hear a Crate & Barrel catalog calling my name. 

Talk to you soon.

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