Friday, October 2, 2009

Weight goals...the 90-day way

When you have a plan that lasts 50 weeks, and you are in the third week of it, it can be difficult imagining the finish line.  That’s why I try not to think that far out. 

When I work with clients in my business coaching practice, I tell them that most things need to be thought of in 90-day increments because a lot can be accomplished in three months.  For me, losing this weight is a combination of one day at a time and thinking what things are going to look like in about nine more weeks. 

I believe that I will be about 10 pounds lighter than when I started.  I think that I will be one size smaller in the clothing arena.  And, I have old pictures kicking around at that lighter weight, so I know how I could look.  That’s enough to imagine right now.

Have a great weekend and remember...don’t get hung up on how much weight you have to lose or how long it might take to lose it.  It’s not a sprint; it’s a marathon.

Talk to you soon.

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