Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Today was a pleasant day. I finished up my work about 5 and decided to run a few errands, one of which was going to Peet’s to turn in a certificate for one pound of coffee that had been given to me as a gift. I also wanted to see how much was on a gift card that was given to my husband as a thank you.

I chose the Anniversary Blend for my pound of coffee and found out that the gift card had $15.00 on it. I was ready to buy myself a cup of coffee with the gift card when the young man behind the counter, who I don’t think I can call a Barista because I believe that term belongs to Starbucks, offered me a complimentary cup of coffee. Wow, I was hitting the mother lode of freebies.

So, I enjoyed my free cup, kept my gift card intact, left with a pound of coffee and got to read the newspaper…what more could a girl want.

Now, I’m back home getting ready to make dinner. I know "what more" a girl could want…a chef.

Talk to you soon.

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