Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What goes up will come down

Oh, oh, oh…not a happy camper today. Weigh-in day equaled a gain of .8 pounds. I’m not going to get crazy over this, but I do need to figure out the big WHY. I don’t ever have a week where I know that I have “let myself go.” I follow the program, track everything I eat, and that’s why it’s a bit frustrating to hit this kind of a week.

But, I’ve said it several times before. I will weigh everything this week to make sure I am accurate on my portions. I will try to get a few more miles under my belt in the walk department. And, I will continue to believe in myself.

I did try on the bathing suit that I bought on sale several months ago to see how it was fitting. Usually, that wouldn’t be the thing to do after a weight gain, but I know that I weigh less now than when I bought it. It fit quite well, and I look forward to wearing it when my pool is warm enough to float.

Now, I am heading to bed. Tomorrow is full of opportunities, and I want to be awake to enjoy them.

Talk to you soon.

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