Thursday, May 6, 2010

Grazie Pasta Pomodoro

We had a lot of errands to do this evening and by the time we finished them, it was after 9. We were in the Vintage Oaks mall and decided to go to Pasta Pomodoro. It’s been a while since we have eaten there, and I was pleasantly surprised to find the calorie count next to every item. It sure made ordering easy.

I had a mixture of vegetables that had been roasted in olive oil and added shrimp as an extra. The calories were 446, and since I was carrying my iPhone, I was able to check the points before I ordered. I used nine points for the meal and arrived home with four points leftover for the day. That entitled me to use one of those points for my giant fudge bar.

I wish every restaurant provided this information. Taking the guess work out makes a Weight Watcher like me so much more confident in my dining out choices.

Talk to you soon.

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