Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy birthday Matt

Today is my grandson’s birthday. I started my day by heading out on foot to his house carrying his birthday present. It was 55 degrees yesterday when I walked the two miles and today it was 85…quite a difference especially when carrying a wrapped box.

When I arrived and after wringing out my clothing, we began the festivities. The party with the other children is tomorrow. Today was all about the family. We went out to lunch at t Turkish restaurant, and I had half of a delicious chicken sandwich. Then it was on to the playground for serious crawling around…him not me.

Dinner was a barbecue at his house and then came the birthday cake. We let him go crazy with his slice using his hands, and he was wearing it all over his body. He applauded himself after every bite and laughed hysterically through most of the experience. I've got to tell you that the part where he was face first into the cake looked pretty appealing to me.

I had a slice of cake and used the conventional fork approach. I saved a lot of points for my experience and think I might have been spotted applauding and laughing hysterically while enjoying it.

Happy 1st Birthday Matt!

Talk to you soon.

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