Friday, May 7, 2010

Our big night

If you haven’t seen the movie, Big Night, then you need to rent it. It was released in 1996, but if you like Stanley Tucci, Tony Shaloub and looking at some great food, it’s the film for you.

Let me give you the summary taken from IMDb:

Primo and Secondo are two brothers who have emigrated from Italy to open an Italian restaurant in America. Primo is the irascible and gifted chef, brilliant in his culinary genius, but determined not to squander his talent on making the routine dishes that customers expect. Secondo is the smooth front-man, trying to keep the restaurant financially afloat, despite few patrons other than a poor artist who pays with his paintings. The owner of the nearby Pascal's restaurant, enormously successful (despite its mediocre fare), offers a solution - he will call his friend, a big-time jazz musician, to play a special benefit at their restaurant. Primo begins to prepare his masterpiece, a feast of a lifetime, for the brothers' big night.

My husband and I watched the movie this evening. The importance of how a meal is prepared and served is evident in the way Primo creates every dish he serves. Even though we have seen this film several times, I don’t think I ever focused on the look of the food and realized how much I now enjoy the visual aspects rather than thinking only about how much of it I would have eaten if I had been there.

Ah, Weight Watchers….it has turned me into a film critic.

Talk to you soon.

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