Saturday, May 22, 2010

IGTBU club meeting

It was time to get together with the two couples who make up our “IGTBU” club and go out for dinner. For those of you who don’t remember what that stands for... “it’s good to be us.” Having dinner with good friends makes the food take a back seat to the camaraderie.

We went to Volpis, a family style Italian restaurant in Petaluma. It was my first time, but most of the others had been there before. When attending a family style restaurant, there is a good chance that there will be lots of food. So, I was ready for battle and made sure I knew the number of points I had going in and ate a snack of granola bars before leaving the house.

I was correct about the amount of food. There was a choice of the dinner, which came with soup, salad, pasta, entrée, dessert and coffee or a la carte. I went with the a la carte choice and had a piece of grilled salmon, mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables. Not exactly what comes to mind when you think “Italian”, but it worked great for me.

Now, I’m back home and have just finished my Giant Fudge Bar. It wasn’t an available choice at Volpis, but is still my favorite one point dessert.

Talk to you soon.

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