Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'll have the Advil with a side of water

The tally is in…I have walked 16 miles in three days since arriving in Washington DC. That’s probably more miles than I have walked in 72 hours, ever.

Today was my grandson’s birthday party, and I got to enjoy seeing him being the center of attention with his one-year-old friends. Of course, at age one, the party- goers barely acknowledged each other, but it was fun to watch them in action.

When the guests had left, the adults were exhausted, and I went back to the hotel for a nap. I had the choice of taking a ride in my son’s car or walking, and I chose the walk. Then, when it was time to go back for dinner, I had the choice of a taxi or a walk, and I chose the walk. After dinner, I once again chose to walk back to my hotel. And that’s how eight of the 16 miles were logged in.

Now, I am ready for my usual Advil with a side of water.

Talk to you soon.

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