Saturday, May 1, 2010

Potatoes au gratin versus iPad

We have two steaks from Costco ready to hit the grill when my husband comes home from work. I thought I’d try a weight Watchers recipe for potatoes au gratin because I finally invested in flour earlier in the week. It’s in the oven now, all “serving for 8” of it, because it seemed a shame to cut the recipe in half. We’ll just eat it over multiple nights because it looks like the type of thing that reheats well.

So, that’s my surprise for dinner, but I think my husband is coming home with an iPad, which is going to one up, by a mile, my potatoes au gratin. Sometimes I have a sixth sense about these things…he works for Apple a few days a week and the next wave of iPads were do to arrive in the store yesterday.

Tomorrow, I will report in on both the recipe and my sixth sense. For now, I’m going to enjoy the aroma of potatoes au gratin filling my kitchen…I hope they taste as good as they smell.

Talk to you soon.

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