Friday, April 30, 2010

Another birthday greeting

This evening was my good friend’s 50th birthday party. It was a HUGE surprise, thrown by her husband, and there were about 50 of her family and friends there to celebrate with her.

I knew ahead of time that the menu was an international buffet of pastas, tapas, and Mexican specialties, and a Costco white birthday cake. I love Costco birthday cake and even though I was in a bakery full of cakes yesterday, and had none, I planned to have a piece of birthday cake this evening.

I saved 15 points for the evening, and it worked out perfectly. If you read these posts, you know that I don’t drink. So, I’m always ahead of the game at the front end because I’m not using up points at the bar. I had about a half - cup of plain pasta, no sauce, and one chicken thigh with about one ounce of chicken. I knew I was in good shape when the cake was served. I had a small serving, and it was perfect.

The highlight of the evening was seeing how happy my friend was to be with all of us. Once again, I saw the power of great relationships far exceeds the draw of food. And I had points to spare.

Happy Birthday, Tammi!

Talk to you soon.

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