Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cow "pies" yield activity points

When I last left off in my saga of the 5K, I was going to go to the location of the event, after the event was over, and mirror the trail. That didn’t happen. The new plan became one in which my husband and I went to Stafford Lake, which is about two miles from our house, and walk 1.7 miles, twice. That didn’t happen either.

As we approached Stafford Lake, which is off of a two- lane road, we were greeted by bumper- to -bumper traffic and turned around. Next stop, the hiking trails in the open space in Novato. Boy, this sure wasn’t what I had in mind.

As a native New Yorker, I like flat surfaces made of some sort of pavement. I could see that the trail was dirt, full of holes, and meandered along with various degrees of elevation. It was 85 degrees when we exited the car, and I was sure that this was going to be one big whine-fest, with me doing the whining.

Imagine my surprise when I actually enjoyed it. We walked/hiked for one hour and went up one hill that had me breathless…both physically and because of the panoramic view. We crossed paths with cows and took pictures of us about 12 inches from their heads. I was concerned that they would turn into rodeo animals, but my husband reminded me that those were bulls, not dairy cows.

We balanced on rocks to cross over the streams. I am not much in the balance department, so my foot went into one stream and when it came out, my shoe was covered with cow “deposits.” Obviously, they navigated the area better than I did and left some reminders that they had visited.

When I arrived home, I discovered that the missing ingredient in the afternoon outing was sunblock. I now look like I spent the day at a beach…that sounds good right about now as I begin the Advil campaign to ward off the stiff legs. Ah, the joys of activity points.

Talk to you soon.

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