Thursday, April 15, 2010

A six point extravaganza

So, my son, Alex, went to Costco and brought home items that I never would have purchased because I didn’t know they existed. He arrived with Flatout whole-wheat flatbread and a Greek yogurt based spread called tzatziki. I have to admit I was scared.

But, the flatbread was huge and had 120 calories, no fat and 6 grams of fiber for a total of two points and the tzatziki had 25 calories, 2 grams of fat and no fiber for a total of one point per tablespoon.

I took the flat bread, used only one teaspoon of tzatziki spread, added two slices of Safeway roasted deli turkey, fresh spinach leaves and sliced tomatoes and then turned it into a giant rollup. It was delicious and less than six points for the whole thing. I was still full after four hours. What a find!

The lesson for me is to try more new things…as long as they are pre-screened by Alex.

Talk to you soon.

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