Sunday, April 11, 2010

18 weight loss tips from successful members

When I log on to the Weight Watchers eTool, the smiling face of American Idol’s Jennifer Hudson, their newest celebrity spokesperson, greets me. I actually wasn’t sure who I was looking at when I she first appeared because the shape of her face has changed significantly since she has lost weight.

After reading a number of her postings, including the one where she doesn’t recognize herself because the shape of her face has changed since she lost weight, I decided to read some of the other success stories of women who have lost over 50 pounds.

Knowing that some of my readers don’t use the eTool, I thought I would capture tips from three of the women and add them to this posting. So, here is how Rebecca, Bonnie, and Kim help us to help ourselves.

Rebecca's Tips:

I promised myself I'd jog 30 minutes a day no matter what. Some days I don't feel up to it, but a promise is a promise. I lace up those sneakers.

I still track my POINTS values every day. It keeps me honest.

Balance is key. I'll plan a lower POINTS value dinner to allow for an afternoon snack to eat while I'm watching my favorite soap opera.

Buy snacks for your kids that come in individual serving sizes so you won't be tempted to share their goodies.

If you need help with a dinner suggestion, go to You'll be swamped with great ideas.

Give low POINTS value substitutes a try. My family and I have come to love turkey burgers, veggie burgers and light whole-wheat bread.

Bonnie's Tips:

Never eat a food you don't absolutely love. It's not worth the POINTS values to eat something just because it's there.

Make a commitment to the Meetings. It's not just step one on your path to weight loss. The continuing knowledge and support will keep you on the right track.

If possible, join with a buddy. It helped so much having my daughter right there with me.

Kim's Tips:

Lose with a friend.

"Take the hit" by going to your meeting even if you know you've gained. Putting it off is the first step to failure.

Never fudge your POINTS values. If anything, count on the high side.

Follow your Leader. I've had the same one for two years.

Carry a bag of 94-percent fat-free microwave popcorn with you at all times. The whole bag has a POINTS value of 2 or 3 and it really fills you up.

Bring your own fat-free sour cream to restaurants; they won't mind.

Do 20 "guy push-ups" and 200 crunches daily to lose loose skin.

Steam a head of cauliflower, sprinkling it with parmesan, for a snack.

Treat yourself to real cream in your coffee every now and then. But you have to try Land O'Lakes Fat Free Half & Half too!

We each have to compile our own tips. For instance, I won’t ever be doing “guy push-ups” or crunches nor will I bring fat-free sour cream to a restaurant because I dislike any sour cream, BUT I never fudge my point values.

Start making your own tip sheet. If you feel like it, share it with me. I could always use a few more.

Talk to you soon.

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