Friday, April 2, 2010

Putting some of my 35 points to good use

It was an Italian night in Aspen. We went to an old favorite, Campo di Fiori, and spent a couple of hours enjoying excellent pasta and excellent chitchat.

I was low on points when we went out this evening, and it isn’t because I ate anything great earlier in the day. It was just the opposite. We spent the day hanging around the house and didn’t have any real food in the refrigerator. I ate a lot of yogurt and granola bars and was really craving something with substance.

I ordered a bowl of capellini with fresh tomatoes and basil, and it was delicious. But, I had to cut into my 35 points, as the four points with which I entered the restaurant was quickly consumed. It was worth the extra four points to enjoy some really good pasta.

We are now back home in front of the fire, satisfied with our night on the town. Of course, night on the town is a term used loosely, since we were home by 9:30.

Talk to you soon.

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