Monday, April 19, 2010

No "oomph" equals no cooking

Long day of meetings equals no “oomph.” I ate a late breakfast, at 11, knowing that my meetings would run until at least 4 p.m. and planned on a granola bar break somewhere in the middle. The meetings ran until 6.

I did have the granola bar, but I needed more. Unfortunately, it wasn’t time for dinner because my husband wasn’t home. I made myself one of those turkey roll-ups with the flatbread, spinach and tomatoes. Good news is that it was great and filling. Bad news is that I have no desire to make dinner for my husband, because I’m not hungry.

He is due home soon, and I think he’s on his own. I may have some fruit and yogurt later, but nothing sounds good right now. It’s the fatigue and the roll-up working in tandem that’s wearing me out.

Once again, it’s a good thing I have all that cooked meat in my refrigerator and a husband who is self-sufficient.

Talk to you soon.

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