Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Here and ounce, there an ounce

As I got ready for bed, one minute ago, I remembered that I hadn’t written a posting today…just in the nick of time. If my head had hit the pillow, it would have been all over.

Today, I decided to make sure I weighed my protein portions before eating. I have said it before, but when I hit a week of no weight movement or weight gain, I get a bit more controlled with using my scale. I think I get a little sloppy on portion size when it comes to eyeballing meat.

Pork loin was dinner, and we ate it after 9 p.m. because my husband worked late. It is the last of the cooked meat leftovers that I have been working on eliminating from my refrigerator. I took the piece, which was wrapped in aluminum foil, and weighed it after reheating it. My guess was that the whole thing weighed six ounces. I was wrong. It weighed eight ounces.

It’s that ounce here and there that can sneak up on you if you aren’t careful. I try to be careful…I’ll try harder.

Talk to you soon.

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