Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's a blizzard

After two days of balmy weather in Aspen, meaning it was in the low 50s during the day, the weather turned to blizzard. It was just what we were hoping for because winter in the Rockies is much more fun with a lot of snow.

We took our sleigh ride with Jake and John, two Belgian draft horses, who pulled us for 20 minutes to our destination, the Pine Creek Cookhouse. The snow was falling at a fast pace, so we wrapped ourselves in blankets and enjoyed the silence along the snow- covered path.

When we arrived at the Cookhouse, we were greeted with a hot bowl of homemade minestrone soup, perfect for both its point value and its heat value. I followed it with an organic spinach salad and a cup of coffee.

Two hours after arriving for lunch, we were back in the sleigh heading down the mountain. Even with the blankets, it was freezing cold, and I was glad to eventually get back into our car and to turn on the heater full blast.

It’s amazing how much a romp in the cold weather can tire you out. I’m barely awake while writing this posting… which is probably evident if you are reading it.

Talk to you soon.

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