Tuesday, April 27, 2010

17 inches smaller

It’s a numbers kind of day…because it’s Tuesday and weigh-in day. The news is this. I lost .4 pounds for a total of 27.6 pounds in 32 weeks. Although I’m no longer averaging one pound a week, it doesn’t really matter. It will take as long as it will take to lose the first 50 pounds.

I have also lost 17 inches. Now that’s quite a lot less of me. It has come off almost proportionately, so I’m pleased with how my body has chosen to shrink itself.

There was a woman in today’s meeting who hadn’t seen me since last November. She was a good barometer for me because she seemed to be amazed about how much thinner I looked to her. Most people, including me, see me so much that the weight loss isn’t as striking as she suggested it now appears. Pretty nifty!

Time to make the dinner, which will be salted this evening because it’s one week until the next weigh-in.

Talk to you soon.

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