Saturday, April 17, 2010

Six pounds lost in one day...NOT

When the big day came and we bought a scale, I started out by weighing myself once a week before my Weight Watchers meeting. Now, I weigh myself almost every morning, just like most of the rest of the country.

Imagine my surprise when I got on this morning and weighed six pounds less than yesterday. Everyone reading this knows that the mistake was in the scale and not that I actually could lose six pounds in one day, but it was sure fun looking at the new weight.

What I figured out had happened started yesterday when the house was cleaned. The scale was moved during cleaning and wasn’t put back on its old spot. It was not balanced evenly on the tiles and gave the weight equivalent of a TILT reading.

I can’t wait until that number shows up again, for real. By my estimate, I am about six weeks away. I’ll report in June when I see it.

Talk to you soon.

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