Friday, April 23, 2010

Welcome to Novato... Whole Foods

A visit to the new Whole Foods in Novato had to happen on opening day. We have been watching the building developing for years now and the countdown sign was just enough to remind us to show up last evening to check it out.

I am a Safeway and Costco shopper and have only shopped in Whole Foods a few times. Having one in our town is apparently quite an accomplishment and worth devoting some time.

Parking in the lot was plentiful at 8 p.m. and the crowds had slimmed down to what I would call a normal amount of shoppers. I was impressed with the prepared foods and fish counter and took a stroll through the bakery…just to see what was there.

Although we didn’t invest in any groceries, I know that I can find some easy to serve, healthy meals, in a pinch. I will admit that it was expensive compared to my usual shopping choices, so it won’t be a regular source of meals.

Being on Weight Watchers, I have learned that spending a bit more on high quality food items is a splurge I am sometimes willing to make. After all, before joining, I could easily blow through a few dollars at the checkout counter when confronted with the Milky Ways, Reese’s and tabloids. Okay, I still might grab a tabloid, but the rest is history.

Talk to you soon.

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